Our personal, hands on  one on one touch is something big box stores do not offer. We fit from a large range of sizes versus 12-16 sizes.

The correct bra size makes all the difference in the world. It sets the foundation for how you feel and look. Our breast tissue changes several times and it is important to be fit in the correct style for our breast.

Yes, appointments are required because we value our clients time. We never want our fitter or our client to feel rushed due to people waiting in the lobby.

We start by taking two measurements with your bra on and shirt off. Some fitters can guess the size when you walk into our boutique.

Annually is ideal unless you have experienced weight fluctuations, surgery, or pregnancy/childbirth.

If you are adjusting your bra throughout the day, you are most likely in the wrong size or style. Other signs are straps falling off of your shoulders, breast tissue is falling out of the bottom or overflowing out of the top!

Two to three weeks before your due date is ideal. If you notice big changes early, come in sooner.

We do! Being a mother of four daughters, I encourage preteens, teens, and young adults to come in and get educated on a correct bra fitting and the benefits.

We think we covered it all but if you still have questions, contact us!

The quickest way to contact us is via phone during store hours.

If you are unable to call, use our contact us page to communicate via email.

We answer all social media DM's, just not as fast.